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10 Types of Urban Farming to Practice

Urban agriculture, urban farming, or urban gardening is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around urban areas. In both scenarios, more direct access to fresh vegetables, fruits, and meat products through urban agriculture can improve food security and food safety.

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Why you Need to Become a Helpful Agriprenuer

Looking back to the days of our ancestors, farming was the major activity for them. Their main worry was feeding their growing population. The person with the most children and great harvests was respected more. But what changed? We live in times we’ve variety of jobs in the market. Most young people have gone for white collar jobs and looked down on farming as a ‘dirty job.’ But is it really dirty when you can’t go for a day without a meal on the table?

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Branding Yourself As A Farmer On Digital Places

In just more than a decade, humanity’s relationship with tech has advanced more than in the previous century through the use of social media. We are farther apart yet closer together than at any other point in human history, thanks to free online social platforms where we can connect with new people and speak to them in real time from just about anywhere in the world. These new tools are becoming more critical for small businesses.

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3 Effects of Covid19 Pandemic on Agribusiness

In the year 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 brought with it severe economic and societal consequences negatively impacting the market flows. This saw the imposing of drastic stress on people more so farmers. The COVID-19 pandemic also disturbed the sustainable growth for the wellbeing of businesses and national economies.

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How To Partner With Influencers To Market Agricultural Businesses

I know you are wondering if influencer marketing is really necessary for agribusiness. Some will argue that farmers are not on social media to be influenced by influencers sharing on farm products. Covid19 pandemic gave every business person a reason to be on the digital spaces to create their communities, relationships and be able to share about their products for the purpose of marketing, selling and branding. This also includes on finding ways to partner with influencers to market their agribusinesses.

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