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3 Effects of Covid19 Pandemic on Agribusiness

In the year 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 brought with it severe economic and societal consequences negatively impacting the market flows. This saw the imposing of drastic stress on people more so farmers. The COVID-19 pandemic also disturbed the sustainable growth for the wellbeing of businesses and national economies.

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How To Partner With Influencers To Market Agricultural Businesses

I know you are wondering if influencer marketing is really necessary for agribusiness. Some will argue that farmers are not on social media to be influenced by influencers sharing on farm products. Covid19 pandemic gave every business person a reason to be on the digital spaces to create their communities, relationships and be able to share about their products for the purpose of marketing, selling and branding. This also includes on finding ways to partner with influencers to market their agribusinesses.

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How To Create Leads and Sales as a Farmer

You can have the best product but still miss out on how to create leads and sales as a farmer. You have to constantly look forward to connecting new people, creating new networks and finding spaces to grow your brand awareness and engagements that will ultimately lead to lead generation and sales. 

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Soil Testing: What, How and Its Importance

Soil testing is the analysis of soil samples to determine the nutrient and contamination levels, mineral composition, and other characteristics such as the acidity or pH level. Soils contain nutrients, water, and living organisms that help create healthy and sustainable farms. By conducting a soil test, you will get the right information enabling you to make informed decisions like the quantity of fertilizer needed and the exact type that is needed to improve the soil on your farm thus minimizing expenditure. 

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