Importance of Working with Agronomists as a Small Scale Farmer

There are so many farmers operating in different farming practices. Sometimes they might lack all the knowledge they need when it comes to crop farming, pest prevention and other information relevant to their farming practice. This is why working with agronomists to bridge that gap of inadequate information is important.

Who is an agronomist?

Firstly it is important to understand what agronomy is.  Agronomy is the scientific technology of using soil to produce plants for the purpose of food, fibre and fuel. 

An agronomist works in the field of agriculture and acts as a liaison between farmer and crop researchers to review research findings and to use knowledge to recommend solutions to farmers regarding new scientific developments in crop growing operations.

What Do They Do?

Also known as crop doctors, agronomists mainly focus on the study of  plants and soil in order to increase soil productivity; develop better cultivation, planting and harvesting techniques; improve crop yield, quality of seed and nutritional values of crops; and solve problems of agricultural industry. 

Additionally, they are experts in the science of soil management for land reclamation and crop production to improve quality of seed and the nutritional values of crops. Working with agronomists is a hue plus to you as a farmer. They can be:

  • Farm managers
  • Fertilizer and chemical store managers
  • Lab and field technicians
  • Crop management consultants
  • Soil and water conservationists
  • Inspectors or sales representatives for farm management services, financial institutions and food processing companies to perform land appraisal
  • Planning and managing positions in agriculture industry

Benefits  of Working With Agronomists

  • They have a better knowledge on crop production especially for first time farmers. Working with them throughout the farming journey can see you get great harvests. 
  • Having the knowledge on soil and mineral testing, they can guide on which crops need what pH and minerals before planting. 
  • Agronomists are super flexible to work with. This makes it easier for a farmer to work with them even during urgent problems in the farm like a disease attack on the crops.
  • They are great organisers and can help you manage resources and budget. This is because they have excellent record keeping skills and be able to plan ahead the type of work that needs to be carried out.

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