How Synnefa is Changing Farming Using Technology

The agricultural industry is undergoing a transformation. As traditional farming practices encounter limitations in resource availability and environmental impact, innovative solutions are emerging to meet the demands of sustainable food production. Among these solutions, Synnefa is changing farming using technology in smart greenhouses and AI powered censors Farmshields, leading the way in revolutionizing agriculture through their integration of cutting-edge technology, data-driven insights and sustainable farming practices. 


Creating the Perfect Environment for Growth

At the heart of Synnefa's smart greenhouses lies an intricate system of climate control. These greenhouses create an environment conducive to optimal plant growth, irrespective of external weather conditions by regulating temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels.

Synnefa Engineers advising a farmer

Synnefa team with a farmer at her greenhouse inspecting the capsicum 

This technology ensures that crops receive the ideal conditions for photosynthesis and growth, resulting in higher yields and better quality produce. With the smart greenhouses, farmers can produce food the year round and feed the growing population. 


Automation: Transforming Labor and Precision

One of the defining features of Synnefa's greenhouses is automation. Traditional farming often demands significant labor investments, but Synnefa's smart greenhouses are equipped with advanced sensors, actuators, and AI algorithms that handle critical tasks autonomously.


AI powered farmshield being installed in farmer's greenhouse

From irrigation and fertigation to pest control, automation not only reduces the need for manual labor but also enhances the precision and efficiency of these essential activities.

20220323-IMG_5045 (1)-min-1

Synnefa's AI powered censor technology helps farmers control irrigation in their smart greenhouses


Harnessing Data for Informed Decision-Making

Data has become the lifeblood of modern industries, and agriculture is no exception. Synnefa's greenhouses incorporate an extensive network of sensors that continuously gather data on factors such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and plant health.


Using aI powered censors, farmers can collect data to monitor the crops

This data is then analyzed by sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide actionable insights for farmers. Informed decisions can be made regarding resource allocation, leading to optimized yields and efficient resource usage.


Sustainable Practices: Nurturing the Planet

Synnefa's commitment to sustainability shines through in their greenhouse design. The AI powered Farmshields are solar powered to reduce carbon footprint. Furthermore, intelligent water management systems prevent water wastage by adjusting irrigation based on real-time soil moisture levels.



Vertical Farming and Hydroponics: Maximizing Space and Efficiency

Embracing innovation, Synnefa's greenhouses incorporate vertical farming and hydroponics techniques. Vertical farming optimizes space utilization by growing crops in stacked layers, while hydroponics eliminates the need for soil by using nutrient-rich water solutions.

These techniques not only increase crop yield but also facilitate year-round cultivation and diversify the range of crops that can be grown.


Embracing Remote Monitoring and Control

The era of remote connectivity has extended to agriculture. Synnefa's smart greenhouses empower farmers to monitor and control greenhouse conditions from virtually anywhere through user-friendly mobile apps and web interfaces.

farmerFarmers can monitor their greenhouse and open farms from their phones remotely

This real-time oversight enables timely adjustments and interventions, ensuring that plants receive consistent care even when farmers are not physically present.


Paving the Way for Future Agriculture

Synnefa's state-of-the-art greenhouses embody the future of agriculture: a blend of technology, sustainability, and productivity. As the world grapples with the need to feed a growing population while minimizing environmental impact, these greenhouses provide a blueprint for a more efficient and sustainable approach to food production.

This puts Synnefa is at the forefront of shaping a better future for global agriculture, keeping in mind of the climate changes. 


What Next?

With these, our greenhouses pave the way for a more resilient, productive, and eco-friendly approach to feeding the planet. As the world faces complex challenges, solutions like Synnefa's smart greenhouses and AI Powered censors to monitor crops demonstrate that a brighter future for agriculture is not only possible but within our reach. Check us out and give us a call! 

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