FARMSHIELD™-A.I Powered Sensors

The Smart Farming Solution for farmers

Have you been wondering on when to irrigate, evacuate humidity and ventilate your greenhouse for that successful harvest? Worry no more, with Farmshield-A.I powered sensors installed at your greenhouse, you will receive an alert on your mobile phone on the next steps to take to ensure your crops thrive without guesswork.

Here is how it works:

We install two stand alone sensors we call the Farmspears into the ground. The Farmspear houses the following sensors and equipment:

  1. Soil moisture sensor
  2. Soil temperature sensor
  3. Air humidity sensor
  4. Air temperature sensor
  5. Light intensity sensor
  6. Water flow meter to monitor irrigation
  7. NPK nutrient sensor (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium)
  8. Solar panel and battery

The Farmspears then collects data on the state of the greenhouse and sends it to the Farmshield. The Farmshield is the brain of the farm, it takes in the data, interprets it and informs on the necessary actions to take such as:

  1. Opening and closing of the irrigation system to let water flow into the farm.
  2. Actuating the greenhouse fans to evacuate humidity incase the humidity sensors report high humidity levels
  3. Opening and closing of the greenhouse side ventilation if the air temperature sensors reports high temperature levels.
  4. Timely alerts on low or high levels of NPK in the soil.

All the data collected is stored on an inbuilt memory and is sent to the cloud where is it analyzed and displayed on our dashboard. The dashboard displays real time information of your farm and is accessible by our app, web portal or USSD.

Farmshield AI powered sensor

The dashboard is a complete system that manages your Farmshield device like placing orders for farm inputs, ordering trucks to collect your harvest to raising invoices for payment by customers. Some of our farmers call it, “the complete farming management portal”

With just a click, the farmer can access information on irrigation and fertigation cycles, harvest cycles and even payment cycles opening up other advantages to farmers such as financing from lenders due to evidence of farming experience and income.

A majority of farmers do not have access to internet, in this regard, we have a USSD platform that farmers simply dial on their phones and access all their farming information.

Being a smart farmer means taking in new technologies such as the Farmshield-AI powered sensors and all your steps are assured for that successful harvest.

Be a smart farmer by partnering with us!

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