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Greenhouse farming is an option to consider in order to make the most of your income and help preserve the environment at the same time.

6 Benefits of Greenhouse Farming

Greenhouse farming has become very popular all over the world. It all started in the 13th century, being a way to satisfy the nutritional demands of royalty. Back then, people also used this as a way to grow medicinal plants. However, the science of greenhouse growing has expanded to universities in order for researchers to develop their studies. Nowadays, the advancement of technology in the agricultural industry, the use of greenhouse farming is accessible to everyone

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By testing your soil, you can combat nutrient deficiencies and toxicities, giving your vegetables the best start possible in the garden. Your plants will thank you for taking the soil test!

5 Reasons to Test Your Soil

Did you know that 60% of crop yields depend on soil fertility? Soil is a precious resource that needs to be managed carefully. As a farmer, you can do this by performing soil tests on a regular basis. 

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How Climate Change Impact Agriculture and What We Can Do About It

Climate change is expected to make agricultural development more challenging. Weather patterns are becoming less favorable in many instances, increasing the volatility of crop and livestock yields. The frequency and/or severity of extreme events is increasing as temperatures are projected to continue rising, and rainfall patterns are expected to shift more than they have already. 


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Women in the farm with an agritech expert installing an AI powered sensor, Farmshield.

Opportunities: 8 Digital and Tech Transformation in Kenya Agriculture Space

The agricultural industry is one of the sectors most affected by the digital and technological transformation. This transformation has caused the development of new technologies that have improved the quality, quantity and variety of food, as well as its sustainability.

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How To Use Technology In Agriculture To Save You Money


Farmers today are under increasing pressure to produce higher yields, while soft commodity prices are forcing them to lower costs. In order to achieve this, farmers need a farm management software that helps them leverage their farm data into timely decisions that save money and maximize profits on the farm. This is especially important as growers move toward more and more precision agricultural practices on their farms.

Precision Agriculture is a data-driven approach to farm management that can improve farm productivity and yields, thereby increasing the overall profitability of farming. It also helps reduce the need for inputs such as water and artificial fertilisers and pesticides, thus reducing the environmental footprint of farming.

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