How to maximize your profits with greenhouse farming

Once you have set up that dream greenhouse, it is every farmer’s dream to get a return on their investment and also start making profits! The question always remains how? Don’t worry we have all the answers right for you.

At Illumimum Greenhouses, we always recommend planting of high value crops. A high value crop is either vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs or spices with higher market value than the traditional crops. The cost of production of these crops tend to be low and yet they attract a high price in the market especially due to their scarceness hence good profit margins are achieved.

In Kenya, high-value crops include capsicum, cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, strawberries, herbs, and spices. These crops tend to fetch more income rather than the regular kales, spinach, and cabbage at the market.

Capsicum thriving in a newly installed greenhouse in Kirinyaga , Central Kenya

Once you have installed a greenhouse, move out of the ordinary ‘Sukuma wiki’ farming and consider high valued crops and fetch more income. The return on your investment will be assured. Tomatoes for instance when planted in a greenhouse, has more profits because the cost of production is low and when they are supplied at the market, they have very good prices.

The traditional practice of farming in greenhouses in Kenya, is most farmers tend to go for the regular vegetables like spinach and kales which in most cases do not have a “good” price at the market that is profitable. The supply of these vegetables is high at the market therefore the prices tend to go down. Some consumers of these products don’t even have to go to the market to get these items but rather just plant them in their kitchen gardens.

A majority of the farmers normally ask the question “How am I able to identify which high value crop to plant in my greenhouse?”

With us at Illuminum Greenhouses, our inhouse agronomist is able to advice on the suitable high value crop based on a soil test that is normally performed to determine the level of nutrients in the soil and will walk the journey with the farmer to a successful harvest.

Agronomic support

Another question that most farmers ask is, “Where will I get the market for these high value crops?”

At Illuminum, we provide a market linkage for farmers. We ensure all the products get a market. High value crops also tend to be on high demand due to their scarce nature. For instance, in a local village somewhere in central Kenya, there will be more people selling cabbage and Sukuma wiki rather than cucumber and strawberries. Therefore, the few people who have the cucumbers and strawberries are assured of a sale because there will be high demand of these products and a low supply that also translates to a high price of the product.

Another concern by most farmers is,” Where do I get the seeds of these high value crops?”

This is simple, through our partnerships with various companies that offer seeds and our inhouse agronomic support, the farmer is guided on where to get these seeds that will guarantee high yields. Not forgetting, we shall walk the journey with you to ensure a successful harvest.

A smart farmer does not just set up a greenhouse, but also plants high-value crops and get maximum profits. Be a smart farmer and you could be the next supplier of strawberries in your local supermarket and even the 3-star hotel in your neighborhood.

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