Why you Need to Become a Helpful Agriprenuer

Looking back to the days of our ancestors, farming was the major activity for them. Their main worry was feeding their growing population. The person with the most children and great harvests was respected more. But what changed? We live in times we’ve variety of jobs in the market. Most young people have gone for white collar jobs and looked down on farming as a ‘dirty job.’ But is it really dirty when you can’t go for a day without a meal on the table?

With the ever rising population worldwide, we have seen climate changes and increase in hunger in different parts of the world due to less supply of food. This is why you ought to think of practicing farming even at your balcony. Grow your own food and use it for home consumption. Well, you might not grow a lot but even a few vegetables to supply your household ones in a week is a plus. 

Here are some of the reasons you should start planting those vegetables in your backyard or balcony, lead a team in coming up with innovative ways to approach agriculture and increase food supply to the ever increasing world population. 

Increase food supply

At the moment, the world population is at 7.9 billion. Globally agricultural land area is approximately five billion hectares, or 38 percent of the global land surface. Truth is, the land ain’t going to increase but the population keeps growing day in day out. This means, some agricultural land will be settled sooner than later to accommodate habitats. 

The earlier you hop into farming the better. This will encourage a balanced diet among your family members and the immediate community. 

Create job opportunities

Agriculture keeps evolving over the years. The new ways of farming such as digital innovations and advancements  to help young farmers to work smarter and more efficiently. At Illuminum Greenhouses we develop  AI Powered Farmshields. This has encouraged employment opportunities for tech-savvy youths. Through their involvement in the farming industry they make farming “sexy” for other young people to invest skills in it. 

In Africa, tech-savvy entrepreneurs are joining farming and seeing a lot of prospects in the future as increased urbanization and the growth of a middle class offers new markets and the trend keeps gaining momentum. 

Take part in encouraging innovation

Agriculture has advanced in various ways especially now that we have technology. From machinery to modern ways of farming, these encourage use of little time in the farms to cultivate, plant and harvest food. Additionally, people can now practise upward farming in case they don’t have enough land to farm on. 

All these depend on innovative ways. You can become an innovator and create new technologies farmers can use in their farms. This can be farm managing, planting, record keeping and marketing technologies that can make farming activities easier. 

You can also take part in research, teaching and training farmers on how to use the innovations and technologies that they might find difficult using. 

Teach and encourage more youths in agribusiness 

Farming not only encourages more food production but also a healthier environment for both human beings and all other living things to thrive. You might have attended agricultural summits or workshops either online or physically and noticed that most speakers are farmers sharing their stories in the farming industry. 

You can become the next farmer sharing about the challenges you have experienced and successful stories to encourage young farmers to invest in farming. This will give them hope to invest in farming. 

The best way to encourage more young people to invest in farming is through inspiration, teaching and guiding them. Through that, they will recognize the importance of agribusiness and why they need to give a hand in increasing food production and supply. If it is starting a Twitter Space, Tweet Chat, Facebook Groups or even Webinars to teach more farmers, do it. It is easier to grow as a thought leader in farming if you are helpful. 

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