Why you need to farm using a greenhouse

Farming has continuously evolved from the simple methods to modern day use of machinery and other technologies such as greenhouses.

There are certain questions that pop up when considering a greenhouse: What are the benefits of having a greenhouse? Is it expensive? Could I make good use of it? Do I have the space? You will get the answer to these questions when you build a greenhouse as you will see that it offers numerous benefits that you will always be thankful for.

Successful harvests look like this

Here is why you need to farm using a greenhouse;

Increased production

As compared to open field farming, with a greenhouse the farmer has more control for creating the optimal climatic conditions needed for a plant to grow. The farmer is also able to grow more plants per square feet compared to growing crops in the open field. Greenhouse farming is considered an implementation of intensive agriculture and can provide an increase in crop production

Minimize production risks

A greenhouse is an enclosed space; therefore, the crops are prevented from suffering damage from climate change related events such as sudden increases or drops in temperature as well as keeping the crops away from birds and other animals that may damage them.

Maximize profits

When implementing greenhouse farming the profits per crop per square feet can be even twice as much as the alternative open field agriculture. A greenhouse farmer can combine other practices and strategies such as the use of hydroponics for maximum crop yield. By utilizing resources in a more efficient manner, the farmer is able to create less waste, which in turn can translate into bigger profits.

Increased pests and diseases control

A well designed and optimally built greenhouse can prevent problems such as pests and weeds, as well as provide more control against other diseases. An enclosed space can be restricted to only the necessary personnel, and less people going in and out means a lesser risk of bringing unwanted elements close to the crops.

Ability to grow all year round produce, even in off season

With a greenhouse, the farmer does not need to depend on seasons to grow certain crops. They just need to provide the necessary means to create the right climate inside the greenhouse for the crops they need to grow. A greenhouse is independent to the world outside therefore eliminates the limitation of growing crops only on a specific season.

More stability and security

Since the greenhouse farmer does not depend on climatic conditions, an increase in stability and security is assured not only for the crops but also for the workers. Greenhouses ensure we have that constant food supply and therefore world is free from hunger and poverty.

Our agronomist offering support

A greenhouse requires you to make an initial investment, but the money you spend is well worth it in the long run. With so many benefits, you can see why owning a greenhouse is a great idea.

At Illuminum greenhouses, we assure you of a return in your investment with our Greenhouse Plus+.

Greenhouse plus + comes as a package of a greenhouse of your choice, irrigation kits, water tanks, agronomic support, market linkage and your investment on installing a greenhouse is assured.

We also offer the Farmshiled A.I powered sensors that guide the greenhouse farmer on the next steps during farming such as when to irrigate, when to evacuate humidity and when to ventilate the greenhouse. We remove guesswork off greenhouse farming for the best crop yield.

Greenhouse under construction in Isinya, Kajiado county

We endeavor to hold your hand all the way to crop harvesting and we ensure you smile during harvesting.

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