Who is Farmcloud for?

Anybody struggling with farm record keeping or compliance for export

Farmcloud is for anybody who needs to digitise their farm records, to train and scale their crop production teams. If your farming records are in excel or paper scattered all over the place and you're struggling to keep tabs with what's happening at the farm and staying compliant for export, Farmcloud is for you! Our typical customer is a small to medium-size farm with 5-500 employees. Farmcloud is a favourite among agribusiness owners, exporters and crop compliance officers because Farmcloud helps standardize the way daily farm activities gets done, streamline record keeping and crop growing processes, ensure all farmworkers have the knowledge they need to do their best work, and keep teams aligned and accountable no matter where they work from. Farmcloud is not an enterprise tool, though there are teams in the thousands who find success with Farmcloud for specific use cases. Get in touch to learn more about Farmcloud and how it might work for your type of farm business and use cases.