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How to add a plant- Greenhouse

This section will guide you on how to add plants/ crops you are growing to the specific farm element e.g. Greenhouses

1. You go to the menu

2. You click on "My products"

3. Then select "Farm Elements" and proceed to select a specific element e.g. "Greenhouses"

4. Once you are there move the cursor the the "Farm Element name (Greenhouse name) and Click on it.

5. From there you will be redirected to another window to add the plant. Click on that green box on the right side that has a plus sign "Add a Plant"

6. Then proceed to fill in the details as required: Plant Name, Variety, Quantity of Seedlings/ Seeds, Planting Start Date, and then add the Projected Harvest.

7. Finally click "Add"

(Kindly note if you're adding a plant or variety and it doesn't display contact admin)

*Still not sure :thinking_face: ? Here's a quick video on how to go about it!

Adding a Plant to a Greenhouse